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Purchase a water heater replacement in Selden, NY

Do you find yourself settling for cold showers and waiting minutes at the sink? Consistent hot water should never feel like a luxury. Hire First Choice Plumbing and Heating, Inc for water heater replacement services at affordable prices in the Selden, NY area.

Upgrade your system with new water heater installs and replacements. We also service older water heaters with professional repairs. Call 631-767-9848 today to learn more about our traditional and tankless water heater replacement services in Selden, NY.

Enjoy the efficient performance of a tankless water heater

Enjoy the efficient performance of a tankless water heater

Many homeowners are replacing their traditional water heater with the modern convenience of a tankless water heater. Get rid of your tank to take advantage of:

  • Increased energy efficiency-a tankless water heater can be much more efficient for the average home, which saves you money.
  • Long-lasting performance-tankless water heaters are able to last twice as long as storage tank heaters.
  • Easy placement-squeeze a tankless water heater in extremely tight spaces with ease.

Your new tankless water heater can save you money on utility bills and repair costs over time. Contact us today to receive a free estimate on your water heater services in Selden, NY.